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Wild Ways to Pop the Question

When it comes to popping the question, some men are a little more creative than others. I saw a post where a man had proposed on a ride at Disney World (I’ll post the picture below) and that prompted me to look at all the clever ways to propose to someone. Here are just a few of my favorites:

disney-proposalPhoto found here

These guys walked around with the signs in a backpack all day and hid them underneath jackets. After holding the signs up for the picture, they put all of the signs back in the backpack. Lindsay (the girl in the front) had no idea until they got off of the ride and she saw the picture in the photo booth. And, she said yes! But that’s no surprise with a proposal like that.

hunting proposalPhoto found here

Before their hunting trip, her fiance went out and carved the proposal into this tree. While on the trip, he made sure to take her along this path and she was completely surprised! What a fun surprise.

Mary-Me-coffee-teaPhoto found here

He served his fiance her morning coffee with this written at the bottom of the mug! I love this idea, but what if she didn’t finish the coffee? Cute, but a little risky!

will-youPhoto found here 

With fall coming up, I bet this trend is about to be seen a lot more.

I really love clever proposal ideas, especially the one from Disney.
What’s the best proposal you’ve seen? Let me know in a comment below!

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Tea Ceremonies

wedding tea ceremony

wedding tea ceremony

Happily Ever After

When you’re in love it’s hard not to picture your relationship like it came straight out of a fairy tale. There’s a prince and princess, and the two of you will live happily ever after. If you’re anything like me, these sweet fairy tales make you think of one thing: Disney. I’m considered to be a pretty hardcore Disney fan, so I have looked at tons of ways to incorporate the magic of Disney into a wedding. All of my favorite touches have been subtle things that only a few fellow Disney lovers would understand. Below I’ve posted some of my absolute favorites.

Disney WeddingsPhoto from Madison and Colby Nelson’s wedding

This picture was taken at my best friend’s wedding. She incorporated the animated film Up! into her wedding by having this as her guest book. Guests were instructed to sign next to a balloon and it turned out very cute.

Disney Weddings5Photo found here

In this instance, the couple had these signs up guiding guests to the reception hall. This is such a sweet and simple way to bring a touch of Disney magic to your special day.

Disney Weddings2 Photo found here

This is probably my all time favorite Disney wedding reference. A Be Our Guest (Beauty and the Beast) guestbook is so clever and cute. This is one that I would really like to use in my own wedding someday.

Disney Weddings6Photo found here

Such a sweet idea! Write one another’s name on the bottom of your shoe like Andy did on the bottom of his toys in Toy Story.

Those are my favorite subtle ways to add a touch of Disney to your fairy tale day. I love this topic so much I decided to add a few of my favorite Disney adds that aren’t subtle at all:

Disney Weddings4 Photo found here

As you can see, this is far from subtle, but it’s so cute for a ballroom style reception.

Disney Weddings3 Photo found here

Disney Weddings7 Photo found here

Whether you want to keep the Disney theme down to only a few magical touches, or you want to go all out with a complete Disney wedding, you’ve got my support! It’s okay to bring some of the great Disney romances into your own. Make your day magical!

Wishing you love, laughter, and happily ever after,

What’s Your Favor?

A few weeks ago I was working a very beautiful wedding and while everything was so tastefully done, one thing particularly stuck in my head- the favors! For their wedding favors the bride and groom gave away little personalized jars of salsa paired with a small bag of tortilla  chips. Being from Southeast Texas, I am obsessed with chips and salsa. This was the perfect favor for their wedding because they had chosen fajitas for their dinner option. I was really impressed with these little favors and I am still kicking myself for not taking a picture of them when I had the chance.


Find it here

The picture above is not of salsa, it’s of jam, but it’s the most similar thing that I can find to the salsa jars and I wanted to give an idea of what this couple had given out. I’m so shocked that there aren’t more posts about personalized salsa out there! On my hunt salsa favors, I found a few other ones that I loved, so here they are:


Find it here

This bottle opener is technically listed as a grooms gift, and it would be on the pricier end if you were buying for all of your wedding guests, but it is something that almost everyone would use!

favor3Find it here

This favor is perfect for the cuteness factor. Who doesn’t love s’mores?! This favor is so easy to do and I’m sure it’s a crowd pleaser.

favor4Find it here

This is probably my favorite favor because of its functionality. I attended a wedding in 2011, and three years later I’m still using the cups they gave out as favors! Your guests can use them for such a long time and always be reminded of your wedding.
Favors may not seem like a very big part of the wedding, and they certainly don’t have to be, but when they’re done right they can make your night unforgettable.

So what is the best wedding favor you have ever seen?
Which of these favors was your favorite?
Leave a comment below!

Xoxo, Brooke

Blushing Bride

Fall is just a few weeks away and a surprising color is in trend- pink! When thinking of pink in a wedding, doesn’t everyone usually think of spring? I know I do. It’s just not the case this year! Now, not every shade of pink can be used during the cooler seasons. This fall it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of dusty blush. This particular shade of pink is being paired with a champagne color to make for a vintage, elegant feel. And if you ask me, it’s working! Using a blush and champagne color scheme can make a wedding look as though it came right out of The Great Gatsby.

blush and champagne2

Find it here

blush and champagne3

Find it here

By adding gold, a hint of glamor is added to a very romantic look. Heather’s Glen is currently offering champagne colored table cloths for the reception hall!

If you’re looking to use pink in your fall wedding, but not necessarily into the vintage, glamour, Daisy Buchannan style, another fall trend is ombre.
Ombres have been extremely popular with hair coloring and clothing, but now they have made their way to wedding cakes! While you can ombre any color, pink is the color of choice this fall. Bride’s love the ability to ombre a wedding cake, because it allows them to incorporate a hot pink without it being too overpowering.

Find it here

Personally, I love this cake! It’s such a great way to use hot pink in the fall months. Ombre cakes can be done in any shades of pink. So if you’re wanting to stick with a blush color, it can be ombred, too!blush and champagne5

Find it here

No matter what your tastes are, there’s a shade of pink for every bride!

What do you think of the new pink trend this fall? Let me know below!

Xoxo, Brooke

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Summer Navy Weddings

One of my favorite summer wedding trends is navy or nautical anything.  However, unless you’re getting hitched by the bay here in Texas, anything nautical would seem a little out of place, but I do love navy stripes and they can go as far inland as a person desires!  While I personally think navy is a classic hue for weddings year-round, and can be season-appropriate by what you choose to pair it with, I think during the summer it looks best with yellows, corals, and soft blushes.  With the summer solstice days away, here are some summery navy wedding looks I love.

Navy gown, pearl strands, and lush white blooms via here.

Navy lace and bright yellow bouquets make this look super summery, via here.

Coral, blush, and navy via here.

What are your favorite wedding hues for summer?


Birthday Sign In

If you’re still having trouble coming up with a sign-in idea for your wedding, I came across this sweet one today. You can display the following year’s calendar and ask guests to sign on their birthday. This is a great option for the bride that likes to send out birthday cards. I also think it would be interesting to see what times of year get a bit concentrated; for example, November usually has a nice Valentine baby boom!

Image via here.

How will you have your guests sign in to your wedding?