Last Minute Weddings

We still have some Friday nights and Saturday afternoons available this year, so we are opening up those dates for our Queen Mary package.  Click the link to view our very affordable, yet very inclusive, package.  If you’re thinking about booking a wedding to take place between now and December 31st, 2014, email us for availability.

The garden is in full bloom right now, so call or email to schedule an appointment to tour today!

Last Minute Weddings

Thinking of a last-minute Winter wedding? We still have Friday nights and Saturdays afternoons available from now through February. If you’re thinking of booking last minute, check out our Queen Mary Package. Click the link to view this affordable, all-inclusive package. If you have 70 guests or less, call the office and ask about the Simplicity package!

Presents for the Maids

When it comes to gifts for bridesmaids, the limits are endless. I feel like I’ve seen it all, and most the time there are monograms involved. Here are a few of the best I could find:


Photo found here


Photo found here


Photo found here


Photo found here


Photo found here


Photo found here


Photo found here

There are so many gifts to honor those who have contributed to your special day. My personal favorite is the over-sized, momgrammed, button-down shirts. They’re cute for pictures while you’re all getting ready and they can be worn again! Whatever gift you choose for your maids, I’m sure they’ll love it.

Fall Weddings

I love fall. I mean I really love it. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the holidays are approaching. With that being said, there is nothing I love more than a fall wedding. And here’s a few reasons why:

fde74565ac1dccfba4a95937faf9d1c1Photo found here

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Hope your fall is filled with pumpkin-spice and everything nice,


Standing Tall

I have to share a story about something that happened at Heather’s Glen a few weekends ago.
During a sweet afternoon ceremony, not one, but TWO groomsmen fainted. I have never seen anyone pass out during a ceremony, and there were two of them at this one! Both were fine, nothing needed mending besides their bruised egos. After witnessing their fall, pure curiosity lead me to researching how often a member of the bridal party passes out during the wedding. What I found was a little surprising—because it happens all the time. Don’t believe me? Google “faints during wedding ceremony” and you will find a ton of videos on this topic. What I found interesting though, is that it’s rarely women who faint during weddings. Almost every video I have seen involves a best man or groomsmen.

Due to what happened at the ceremony I was working, I decided to find some helpful hints for men (and women) to help them keep their footing on their friend’s special day:
1. Don’t lock your knees! If you were in any music programs during school (band, choir, etc) this is something they drill into your heads. Remember to bend your knees and shift your weight frequently when you know you’ll be standing for a while.
2. Eat! Always eat something before any kind of a event. Even if it’s just a piece of toast or some fruit and juice. Always eat even when you’re nervous. I’m not sure when people stopped eating breakfast, but that’s a terrible habit. Why would you want to skip out of breakfast food? It’s the best.
3. Stay hydrated. Did you know that dehydration is the number one reason that people pass out or faint? Well, it is! Make sure to drink plenty of water (and go to the bathroom) before any event.
4. Relax. It’s not your wedding, there’s nothing for you to be nervous about! Yes, I know it’s a little nerve-wrecking to have to stand up in front of all of these people, but I promise no one is really looking at you. They’re all looking at the bride and groom.

Keep in mind, brides and grooms do faint as well. That being said, everyone should make a “if I faint plan” before the ceremony, just in case!

I hope these tips help you all keep your footing on that big day,


Open House Thursday Night

It’s that time of year, folks: pumpkin spice everything and Heather’s Glen Open House!  We hope to see you THIS Thursday evening, between 6-9pm.





Vera Wang Trunk Show – Houston

Are you dreaming of being a Vera Wang bride?  Casa de Novial Bridal Couture invites you to view the Spring collection, by appointment only.  Click here for more info.




Wild Ways to Pop the Question

When it comes to popping the question, some men are a little more creative than others. I saw a post where a man had proposed on a ride at Disney World (I’ll post the picture below) and that prompted me to look at all the clever ways to propose to someone. Here are just a few of my favorites:

disney-proposalPhoto found here

These guys walked around with the signs in a backpack all day and hid them underneath jackets. After holding the signs up for the picture, they put all of the signs back in the backpack. Lindsay (the girl in the front) had no idea until they got off of the ride and she saw the picture in the photo booth. And, she said yes! But that’s no surprise with a proposal like that.

hunting proposalPhoto found here

Before their hunting trip, her fiance went out and carved the proposal into this tree. While on the trip, he made sure to take her along this path and she was completely surprised! What a fun surprise.

Mary-Me-coffee-teaPhoto found here

He served his fiance her morning coffee with this written at the bottom of the mug! I love this idea, but what if she didn’t finish the coffee? Cute, but a little risky!

will-youPhoto found here 

With fall coming up, I bet this trend is about to be seen a lot more.

I really love clever proposal ideas, especially the one from Disney.
What’s the best proposal you’ve seen? Let me know in a comment below!

Nail Polish Giveaway

We’re doing TWO different giveaways with Chanel Nail Polish from the latest fall line.

Entering yourself in the giveaway is easy! Just go here and share the following post:

nail contest

There’s one, and the other will be on our instagram (@heathersglen) where you will need to repost the following picture and tag us when you do. nail contest 2Good Luck,



Tea Ceremonies

wedding tea ceremony

wedding tea ceremony