Modern Luxury Brides Event

Modern Luxury Brides magazine hosted a gorgeous evening at The Dunlavy this past Wednesday, and Lela and Heather were able to attend.  Stunning decor, delicious bites, and a lively photo booth are always crowd-pleasers in our book.

houston brides party







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Open House Thank You

Heather’s Glen would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of the brides and vendors that joined us for our Open House last night!  It was a lovely evening and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions or are ready to book the chapel + garden venue of your dreams.


Dave Dilauro Photography

This Weekend’s Weddings

This weekend’s weddings had glorious sunny, cool weather that makes November in Houston a beloved wedding month.  Except that as I’m posting this, it is STORMING OUTSIDE!  Check out the adorable flower girls in denim jackets and boots.  Take that, formal dresses!



Can’t decide between cascading rosettes or ombre on your cake?  Luckily you can do both.  What a lovely wedding cake.



Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you for all who have served our country, especially this handsome guy!

red white and blue weddings

Mr. George, Heather’s Father

We enjoyed a lovely Veterans Day themed networking luncheon today at Hodge Podge Lodge.  Check out the sweetest details in the photos below.

red white and blue weddings





I especially love these love letter cookies!

Sentimental Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet is as sentimental as it is beautiful; created by Cheryl’s Flowers, the bride had Cheryl tie in her mother’s, aunt’s, and grandmother’s wedding rings into the bouquet. Don’t worry- they were safely knotted in with string.

rings in flowers

How will you bring sentimental touches into your wedding?

Wedding Registry Perspective

The other day I realized it was time.  Time to replace some things around the house that had been wedding gifts from my registry 7 years ago.  Namely, dish towels and bath towels.  Is that yucky that I had them for 7 years?

One of the mistakes I made with my wedding registry is I didn’t have a LOT of foresight.  Especially because my husband and I weren’t living together before we got married, I didn’t have a great sense of what I would need, so you’re kind of just picking out gifts for yourself that you hope will set up your home.  I wouldn’t say our registry was a complete failure; our well-used coffee maker went out after 6 years, and our flatware is still going strong.  My  mother even got me a baby set in the same pattern when I had my baby!

But two different kinds of place mats?

Cloth napkins with napkin rings?

We’ve been in our small home, sans dining room, for 7 years.  Maybe one of these days we’ll move on to a larger home, and I can throw dinner parties with cloth napkins. Until then, I need to buy some new bath towels.

wedding registry items

Our lovely Lenox Gilded Garden frame now has a home in our daughter’s nursery.  

Halloween Nuptials

Last night was the spookiest night of the year, and our lovely couple embraced their Halloween wedding date with a costume party, non-traditional attire, scary cake and decor.  Here are some of the creepy details.



Halloween Sweetheart Table


Mister is Misses



“Would you like a program?” -The Scariest Wedding Greeter Ever



Creepy Cake Design


IMG_8676 (1)




IMG_8683 (1)

Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie!

Wedit – Delightfully Shareable Wedding Memories

I came across a very cool non-traditional wedding video service.  If you like the look of home videos, this option could be for you.  If you prefer the look of professional videography, then perhaps not.

The service, Wedit, mails you 5 HD cameras for guests to use at your wedding.  You mail them back after the event, and they edit and send you the images/video.

Will you be hiring a professional videographer for your wedding, or relying on video footage your guests capture? Or a combo of both?

Fall Wedding Style

Heather’s Glen brides have been keeping their fall wedding game strong, with amazing decor that really embraces the season.  Check out some of the creative accessories below.  I personally adore the trees in the chapel – so very Kate & William.

IMG958603 (1)

IMG958605 (1)

IMG958607 (1)



IMG958610 (1)


Jasperware Architecture

Heather just returned from a quick family trip to Germany.  We set up at her desk to look at her photos, and as she was quickly clicking through the album, I made her return to this shot of a lovely building:



It reminded me of Wedgwood Jasperware! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the china, it’s periwinkle with white.  You either love it or you hate it.  (I LOVE IT!)  Once I found this wedding styled and inspired by Jasperware.

Comment below: is this your style?