Haiku Wedding Guest Sign-In



Saturday night we hosted a beautiful wedding for a game-loving couple (this couple, in case you’re curious).  They had so many fun details, and I will be sure to blog about them in the next couple of days when I receive the images.  Their guest book was gorgeous, and custom-designed by their photographer Studio HTown Photography with their engagement photos.  The bride and groom asked guests to not just sign in, but to write a haiku!  Here is the formula, if you’ve forgotten since your last haiku was written:

1st line: 5 syllables

2nd line: 7 syllables

3rd line: 5 syllables


Photo via style me pretty.

Give it a shot!

Madison’s Dream Wedding

Our intern Madison is here for the summer, and I love to pick her brain regarding all things style, fashion, and beauty.  While I’m kind of bumbling around in my mid-thirties look (like, what do I do?  I’m a 34 year old new mom. How do I even dress this weird new mom body?  Another blog altogether, sorry), Madison rocks big jewelry, stripes, and sock buns like she’s walked straight off of a pinterest street style board.  Curious about her favorite wedding style, I had her curate her own dream wedding from pinterest.  The best part of planning your pinterest dream wedding is you get your own dream budget!  It’s clear by her photos that Madison loves: dramatic mermaid gowns, lots of bright white, and elegant touches of bling.  And of course, she says, it will all be at the chapel and gardens of Heather’s Glen.

The Look:


A white-hot gown, romantic hair, all white and brooch bouquet, and a teardrop diamond to top it off!

(Photos via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

The Details:


Madison dreams of orchid centerpieces, her bridesmaids in floor-length navy, and romantic candles within lanterns.  See all those white flowers?

(Photos via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

The Fun:


Her family will eat, drink, and dance the night away, and enjoy the fun of a charicature artist, before a getaway under sparklers!

(Photos via 1 / 2)

Are you following Heather’s Glen on Pinterest?

Kendra Scott Wedding Jewelry


Kendra Scott jewelry has officially taken over Texas. Women of all ages have been rocking their bright baubles.  Did you know you can have a bachelorette party at participating Kendra Scott stores?  We’ve been seeing lots of bridesmaid gifts of their jewelry, too.  You can view the Kendra Scott bridal collection here, and you can even submit your own wedding photos with your jewelry in their real weddings section.


Photo via Style Me Pretty.

P.S. They also have cuff links for your man!


Wedding Cake Forks


Cake server sets are still strong among couples’ wedding registry, but we’re seeing a new accompinament at the cake table: the bride and groom forks!  You can slice and serve with the former, but it’s afterward that you need a utensil to ever-so delicately feed your new spouse.  We all know the saying “idle hands are the cake-smasher’s workshop.”  Maybe that’s not how it goes, but it could be, right?  So stick a fork in it!  I’m not sure if cake-smashing in the face is still a thing (why? why was it ever?), but I do know that a fork-feed looks much better in photos.  Today, tomorrow, and forever.


Image via here.

Another lovely option would be to use never-before used dessert forks in your silver pattern if it had been gifted to you.

Claire + Kenny 3/15/15


We love the way Claire + Kenny’s wedding turned out this past March.  You really can’t beat a beautiful wedding in the Spring at Heather’s Glen.  View the entire album here.







All photos by Dana Fernandez Photography.

Ribbon Wands for Wedding Getaways

A recent wedding here used the sweetest ribbon wands with bells for their getaway.  After initially planning on making them as a DIY project, they discovered they’d save time and money by purchasing through an etsy shop.  Ribbon wands are great because they look lovely in photos, make for easy clean-up, and the guests can take them.  They can be customized and personalized with your colors and fabrics (think: burlap, lace, sequins, satin) and ring of wedding bells make a sentimental touch.  What could be easier?


Lace and blush via this Etsy shop.


Personalized with name and date on this Etsy shop.


I love the burlap touches on these wands.


Marrying on the Half Hour Superstition

This afternoon a wedding booked for next January at a ceremony start time of 6:30pm.  I found it kind of odd, because 6pm or 7pm on the hour is typically more popular.  I mentioned it to Lela, who said she’d heard it was a superstition that it was good luck to get married on the half hour.  As a google addict (I probably google “what does ___ mean” twenty-five times a day),  a message board thread on The Knot confirmed the superstition.  Evidently, the big hand moving up towards the 12 is better luck than it moving down towards the 6.



Image via Jana Williams Photography.

My husband and I married at 3pm, and we’re almost 7 years going strong!  What superstitions did you consider for your wedding?

Anne of Green Gables Weddings

I’m a sucker for literary wedding themes, and the latest to take hold and capture the wedding culture’s heart is this Anne of Green Gables inspired photo shoot.  Redheads and Annes “with an e” unite (including myself)!


View the photo shoot in its entirety on the lovely post here.

“Anne’s Theme” from the miniseries has become a popular aisle-walk song.


This charming locket with an Anne of Green Gables quote can be purchased on this etsy shop.

WeddingWire Hashtag Generator


Back in my wedding day (2008), we didn’t have Instagram and hashtags like you kids today.  Ever wonder how weddings come up with the most clever hashtags for their weddings, with the play on words with their last names and such?  I came across this Wedding Wire hashtag generator for your wedding; just enter the info (wedding date, nicknames, theme), and discover your personal hashtag!



For the record, I generated ours: #Ridgways4ever #canyoufeeltheridgwaystonight #ridgwaysest2008 #onceuponaridgway #fallfortheridgways.


Flower Crowns

A couple of weeks ago, my instafeeds were taken over by flower crowns at Coachella!  It is almost comical how ubiquitous they have become (come on, I even have one for my 9 month old daughter!), but the trend has stayed strong among brides.  Whether you DIY, have it handmade by an etsy artisan, or click “purchase” on the BHLDN page, let us know how you’re rocking flower crowns in your weddings!

A lovely DIY, via Green Wedding Shoes.


BHLDN gets it everytime, in my opinion.


Look at my darling niece, Stella, at my sister’s wedding last September.  Reception at Heather’s Glen, of course!  Photo by Candid Stories Photography.