Spring Open House


Just another remider that our Spring Open House is coming up in just a few weeks. This is a great chance to come out and meet with all of our fantastic vendors and view our property. No RSVP is necessary! Come by any point between 6-9 on April 2.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Who Let the Dogs Out

I don’t know about you, but I love dogs. I mean, I absolutely love them. All true dog owners know that they are not just pets, but they are a part of your family. And if we think of them as family, why not incorporate them on the most special day of our lives? That’s right, I’m talking about your wedding day! I am the proud owner of a 7-month-old, 80 pound, German Shepherd puppy, and I can’t imagine a wedding day that he isn’t part of. Here are a few people who agree with me and just couldn’t get married without their furry friends:

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WLTDO4Photo found here

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WLTDO6Photo found here

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WLTDO10Photo Found here

So what do you think? Would you incorporate your pooch on your big day?
Let me know in the comments below.

Spring Open House

It’s that time of year again! Don’t forget to come by our Spring open house at Heather’s Glen.

This is a great opportunity for all brides-to-be to come meet our vendors and see the property!10639605_10152292865876945_2412703107744803524_n

April 2, 2015, 6pm-9pm
Hope to see you there!

Wedding Day DIY

Weddings are expensive. That is just a fact. So brides are always looking for places to save where they can. One great way to save money, but still have the wedding of your dreams, is to create some D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) projects. Personally, I like to consider myself a crafting queen. If I think I can make it, I have to at least try. After searching D.I.Y. weddings, I discovered that many brides are doing it themselves these days! Here are just a few of my absolute favorite wedding day D.I.Y.s:

0b532f2060301851828cd26d427a3bf5Photo Found Here

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As you can see, there are about a million different ways that you can make your big day special if you just bring a little bit of creativity to your planning!

A Heather’s Glen Summertime Wedding

During the holidays, it seems like everyone is getting engaged! I have noticed that couples who get engaged over the holidays are almost always looking for summer weddings. I was going through some pictures of weddings that have taken place at Heather’s Glen, and I stumbled through some of my favorites that just so happen to have taken place during the summertime. All photos were taken on June 20, 2014.





















It’s pretty clear to see that Heather’s Glen is absolutely beautiful during the summer months!
All photos were taken by Jessica Pledger Photography.

Trending on Pinterest

Every girl I know has a Pinterest Board completely dedicated to her dream wedding. This is true for girls who are engaged, single, and everywhere in between. This month we said hello to a brand new year, which means brand new trends. 2014 was full of wedding trends, so I found the “most pinned wedding photos” from 2014 and listed them below!

6f85b1e3d7a93999f64034b2a4a3ee4f Photo found here

7cc41e37c78ae80d9af01f34399f9fc2Photo found here

035c4ef9e03ed86e67e58d472471fe64Photo found here

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5892f15a68c790fd338ccccce6409075Photo found here

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c6f6a732eb08de6c326e2ec61e48d115Photo found here

dfb41dbdd6b7e930e17aff0eedf43e18Photo found here

fda81ebe45a100c062e3559a0be2a14aPhoto found here

2014 was the year of lace, vintage glamour, rustic/country chic, bohemian, and social media. I think some of these trends will stay with us throughout 2015, but I’m excited to see what new things come to the wonderful world of weddings this year!

Brooch Bouquets

Last weekend, a Heather’s Glen bride made her own bouquet, as well as her bridesmaids’ bouquets, out of brooches. Anyone who plans (and re-plans and re-plans) their wedding on Pinterest is bound to have seen this before. I know I have seen it dozens of times, but for some reason I never gave it much attention. However, after seeing what our HG bride made, I really felt inspired to look into it a little more, and this is what I found:

il_fullxfull.263152537 Photo found here

Yep, that is Mrs. Miranda Lambert using a colorful brooch bouquet when she married Blake Shelton (*swoon*).

06107c3ba4b29530bae9023e37d6e690 Photo found here

855ebe9857b815583c779a90f7493b42 Photo found here

4cf55209502d58bfb095b151af60e3e1Photo found here

61e5218cac40ffced6d50eafbff97b5ePhoto found here

3a5aaa185ae01651d654ee4751350235Photo found here

And lastly….

10422305_10152469414116945_6823267736745767411_nHeather’s Glen bride

As you can see, using brooch bouquets opposed to traditional floral bouquets adds a certain sense of vintage elegance. I’m so happy that one of our very own bride’s decided to make these unique bouquets.

Stay warm & happy new year,




Today, I want to highlight a wedding that went on here, at Heather’s Glen, this fall. Matt and Lauren Brymer are two fun Aggies who became husband and wife at 6pm on November 1, 2014. All pictures were taken by Kaitlyn Beauregard Photogrpahy and taken at Heather’s Glen.
















Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Friday Night Wedding Deal

Looking for a Friday night wedding? We have a Bridal Show Special deal for you! For a limited time, if you book a King George wedding on a Friday night, we will give you a standard groom’s cake for free! Call or email the office for details.

Last Minute Weddings

Thinking of a last-minute Winter wedding? We still have Friday nights and Saturdays afternoons available from now through February. If you’re thinking of booking last minute, check out our Queen Mary Package. Click the link to view this affordable, all-inclusive package. If you have 70 guests or less, call the office and ask about the Simplicity package!