Last Minute Weddings This Year

We still have some Friday nights and Saturday afternoons available this year, so we are opening up those dates for our Queen Mary package.  Click the link to view our very affordable, yet very inclusive, package.  If you’re thinking about booking a wedding to take place between now and December 31st, 2014, email us for availability.

The garden is in full bloom right now, so call or email to schedule an appointment to tour today!

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Summer Navy Weddings

One of my favorite summer wedding trends is navy or nautical anything.  However, unless you’re getting hitched by the bay here in Texas, anything nautical would seem a little out of place, but I do love navy stripes and they can go as far inland as a person desires!  While I personally think navy is a classic hue for weddings year-round, and can be season-appropriate by what you choose to pair it with, I think during the summer it looks best with yellows, corals, and soft blushes.  With the summer solstice days away, here are some summery navy wedding looks I love.

Navy gown, pearl strands, and lush white blooms via here.

Navy lace and bright yellow bouquets make this look super summery, via here.

Coral, blush, and navy via here.

What are your favorite wedding hues for summer?


Birthday Sign In

If you’re still having trouble coming up with a sign-in idea for your wedding, I came across this sweet one today. You can display the following year’s calendar and ask guests to sign on their birthday. This is a great option for the bride that likes to send out birthday cards. I also think it would be interesting to see what times of year get a bit concentrated; for example, November usually has a nice Valentine baby boom!

Image via here.

How will you have your guests sign in to your wedding?



Cake Toppers

When I was getting married, almost 6 years ago, the standard cake topper at that time was flowers.  While I still love the look, I envy brides today who have a bevy of unique cake topper choices.  Etsy is a great choice for handmade, personalized items, and BHLDN is still one of my favorites for such accessories.  The sweet thing about a cake topper that isn’t fresh flowers is that you can use it on future anniversary cakes.  Here are a few of my favorites lately.

This cake topper from BHLDN would be perfect for a garden-themed wedding!

This is a very sweet option for a rustic burlap and lace styled wedding, via this Etsy shop.

Make it personal with your initials in wire, via this Etsy shop.



Bar Accessories

A few weekends ago, we had a wedding that brought in mustache stickers for their bar.  Guests could use them as markers to keep track of their drinks.  It was a cute, quirky touch.  Will you be adding any accessories to your bar?  I think frozen berries as garnishes for champagne and designed straws are an easy, fun way to make your bar special.  Here’s some inspiration.

Photo via here.

Photo via here.

Photo via here.

Photo via here.



Post-it Sentiments

Lela and I were at my bank the other day, driving through the ATM, when I spotted what looked like a guy breaking into a car in the parking lot.  Since Lela was driving, I asked her to drive us over there to check out the situation.  It was strange because he was crouched down next to the driver’s side of a car, and looked like he was writing something, but I still thought it could be something shady.  By the time we made it over there, he had left, but the car looked like this:

The car was covered on that side with post-it notes!  Here’s a closer photo to give you an idea of what was on the post-its:

Can you read them?  They say things like “trust,” “respect,” and “I love you.”  We were relieved that no crime had taken place, and delighted to see the act of love.  I wonder what the owner of the car thought of the gesture!



Disney World Discovery

I found this serendipitous story on Pinterest recently:

Photo via here.

In case the text is a little to small, it reads: “An engaged couple was looking through photo albums as they put together a slide show of pictures of them growing up to be shown at their wedding.  The young lady pulled out a picture of herself at Disney World and set it aside.  When her fiance looked at it, he was shocked.  For there in the background was his father, pushing him in a stroller!  Not only did they discover they had been at the same place at the same time, but they actually snapped a picture at that exact moment and captured it, only to be discovered years later.”

Sometimes it’s incredible to discover small decisions we make in life to lead us to meeting our spouse.  A split decision to go out with friends when you had planned on staying in, the choice to go to one get together over another, or a random decision to pick up that extra shift at work- these small choices could make a huge impact on who we encounter each day!  I love to hear my parents muse about how many of the same parties they had probably attended before actually finally being introduced to each other.  For this couple to discover not only had they been at Disney World as children so many years ago at the same time, but for it to be captured in a photo, is so exciting.  It kind of makes me want to take more pictures in crowds, to see who I could discover years from now!

Have you and your fiance discovered any coincidences from your past, before you had met, or did a split, seemingly-random decision cause you to meet the one you will marry?



Happy Star Wars Day!

Yesterday was Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), and our wedding certainly delivered in theme!  The bridal party walked down the aisle to The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme song), and they did their getaway with lightsabers!  The cakes were especially impressive.

fourth2 fourth3



May the fourth be with you!

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Modern Brides is running one of their amazing giveaways; you’ll want to get in on this before May 15th!  Click on the image below to register and view the fantastic prizes.  Which prize is most enticing to you?  I’d be after that spa package or the wedding bands from Donoho’s!


Let us know if you win!

Gingham Goodness

Heather has an impressive collection of gingham blouses, that I’m known to tease her for.  They’re adorable in Spring and Summer, I just love that she has them in a few bright colors.  It never occurred to me how charming the print would be as a wedding accent until I came across a groom rocking one in a Pinterest photo.  Check out that photo and some other gingham inspo below.

Photo via here.

Photo via here.

Photo via here.