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Fairytale Weddings at Heather’s Glen

Heather’s Glen is the perfect location for your fairytale wedding, and if you don’t believe us, a recent editorial in Weddings in Houston proves it. “An enchanted garden, lush with greenery and dense with flowers.  A private chapel nestled in a forest clearing.  Heather’s Glen offers both of these, and more.  It’s sun-dappled secret garden … Continue reading Fairytale Weddings at Heather’s Glen

An Alternative to the Bridesmaid Drape

It’s 55 degrees here in Houston today, and you know what that means: I could google winter in Texas memes all day. To be fair, it IS still officially autumn, but the cold front we’re having is definitely getting me excited for the winter weddings coming up.  Winter weddings in Texas are great because you … Continue reading An Alternative to the Bridesmaid Drape

9 Year Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gifts

My husband and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary earlier this month (ten-four, to be exact). Okay, saying we “celebrated” it might be an exaggeration; not because it wasn’t something to celebrate, but because I flew home from Vegas that evening pretty late.  I actually walked in the door at 11:58pm, so I did … Continue reading 9 Year Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gifts

Emerald Wedding Inspiration

Can’t.  Stop.  Pinning.  Emerald. I even tried – but the Pinterest algorithms have me figured out.  Each time a new bright green wedding detail pops up, I can’t resist to pin it, for fear of losing it.  I’m talking shoes, gowns, and especially bands and engagement rings.  Here are some images I keep coming back … Continue reading Emerald Wedding Inspiration

Wedding MBA 2017 in Las Vegas

It was a bittersweet trip to Las Vegas this year.  We arrived the morning after the horrific attack, and the somber mood and grief was certainly palpable in the ordinarily playful city.  Our hearts mourn for the lives lost in the senseless tragedy, and find hope in the hundreds of stories of heroism surfacing in … Continue reading Wedding MBA 2017 in Las Vegas

Pumpkin Spice Wedding Cake

Thursday was the first day of Fall and and now we can all breathe a sigh of relief that 1) pumpkin spice anything is widely available, but mostly 2) hurricane season is almost over! It’s been a painful month for many Americans dealing with the devastation of hurricanes last month (Houston is looking at you, … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Wedding Cake

A Case for Small Bridal Bouquets

When I was getting married, the rule of thumb regarding your bouquet was to not carry one larger than your head.  Since then, glam weddings have shown us way-bigger-than-your-head flowers.  You know, like this: Image via here. The style I’m loving lately is a small, manageable bouquet.  A petite grouping of flowers really lets everyone … Continue reading A Case for Small Bridal Bouquets

The Ultimate Guide for Where to Have Your Rehearsal Dinner if You’re Getting Married at Heather’s Glen

You’ve got your venue booked, gown is being altered, photographer is paid and your florist is set.  Time to start thinking about the rehearsal dinner. For traditional dos and don’ts, The Knot provides a great resource here.  Once you’ve got those down, here is the ultimate guide for where to have your rehearsal dinner if … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide for Where to Have Your Rehearsal Dinner if You’re Getting Married at Heather’s Glen

Pinned vs Wrist Corsages

According to this poll on WeddingBee, people are pretty split between wrist corsages versus pinned corsages for wedding party attendants. While I can’t even recall what I made for dinner last night (thank you, motherhood),* I DEFINITELY can’t remember if my attendants wore corsages pinned on their dresses or worn on their wrists.**  My wedding … Continue reading Pinned vs Wrist Corsages

Forever 21 Wedding Shop

Forever 21 has a wedding shop. Let me repeat that: Forever 21 has a wedding shop! We had the most stunning bride and groom elope here this past Thursday, and the bride’s gown was GORGEOUS.  I commented on it and she excitedly told me she got it from Forever 21 – I didn’t even know … Continue reading Forever 21 Wedding Shop

Current Wedding Trend Obsession: Juliet Cap Veils

It’s hard to believe that eight years ago, I was blogging about the vintage wedding trend, focusing on Roaring Twenties style.  Short, mysterious birdcage veils were all the rage. Now I’m obsessing over an even more vintage style (think 1500’s!) with the rise in sales of Juliet cap veils.  Named after the most famous Shakespearian … Continue reading Current Wedding Trend Obsession: Juliet Cap Veils

You’re engaged! That’s wonderful! Now here are some reasons to elope!

Engagements are exciting. Did he take you to the place you met and get down on one knee with a secret photographer? Did he ask you at a baseball game on the jumbotron in front of thousands of people? Did he wait until the two of you were watching Pacific Rim in your living room … Continue reading You’re engaged! That’s wonderful! Now here are some reasons to elope!

Top 4 Most Used Items From my Wedding Registry

Creating a wedding registry can be daunting; the sales associates will encourage you to register for what you love, you’re trying to consider what you’ll use, all the while keeping in mind your gifters’ budgets.  While I love putting Valentine’s Day flowers in our crystal vase, and delight in setting the table with our fine … Continue reading Top 4 Most Used Items From my Wedding Registry

Who Wants Wedding Tips and an In-House Credit at Heather’s Glen?!

If you’re one of the thousands of people who are planning weddings in Houston this year, chances are you’ve heard of the Bridal Extravaganza. Also, if you’re claiming that you haven’t heard of the Bridal Extravaganza, I’m calling Mariah-Carey-level shenanigans on you. Sure you don’t know Jennifer Lopez, Mariah. Sure you don’t.   What you … Continue reading Who Wants Wedding Tips and an In-House Credit at Heather’s Glen?!

Wedding Trends 2017

Watching the ebb and flow of wedding trends over the years is one of the best parts of our job.  In years past, it seems trends would last 5-10 years for most not working in the biz.  Now, we can virtually attend hundreds of weddings in one sitting, thanks to our little ol’ friend Pinterest, … Continue reading Wedding Trends 2017

3 Things Not to Do Before Your Wedding

You have your wedding dress, which is perfect and makes you feel like Beyoncé. The wedding centerpieces are finished and ohmygod your wedding pictures are going to be adorbs. You have your rings. You’ve said your mental goodbyes to Ryan Reynolds because your soon-to-be husband was like, “I love you and I get it but … Continue reading 3 Things Not to Do Before Your Wedding

Silicone Wedding Rings

I was working out at a fitness bootcamp the other night (just gonna drop that there, all nonchalant, because I’m super proud of myself), and I noticed the trainer was wearing this bulky black rubber ring on his wedding ring finger.  The next night I noticed my workout buddy was wearing a pink one. I … Continue reading Silicone Wedding Rings

Pippa Middleton’s Spring Wedding

Those Middleton gals sure do know a thing or two about #springweddings! Kate showed us how it was done in 2011, and we loved seeing photos of Pippa’s wedding last week. Dreamy details that caught my eye: Pippa’s MIL’s emerald heels via here The Royal Toddlers via here Pippa’s custom Manolos via here The presence … Continue reading Pippa Middleton’s Spring Wedding

Romantic Wooden Garden Swing

Ever since Ken Todd gave Lisa Vanderpump a flowery wooden swing as a gift on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a bride having one here at Heather’s Glen. RHBH photos via Bravo TV This weekend, our gorgeous bride Marisa had Sweet Tea & Linen install her very own … Continue reading Romantic Wooden Garden Swing

Hankies for Happy Tears

We’ve all been to weddings where those tiny packs of kleenex tissues were at the ceremony site, available for your happy tears.  A sweet touch we’ve seen recently was a basket of vintage handkerchiefs, tied together with twine, for guests to take.  This is one of those fun yet completely doable DIYs; an afternoon with … Continue reading Hankies for Happy Tears